Backlink Strategy

Basic ideas on backlink strategy:

Backlinks are like votes for your site. The more backlinks that your site gets smaller. Repeat quickly backlinks (links from other websites to yours) is the key to climbing the ladder of search engines. Quality is much more important than the actual number of backlinks, so that is our main goal for sites that have a high Google PageRank.
There are many ways to get backlinks, here are some tips that will help you create a manageable, but effective SEO strategy Backlinks:

1st.Outsourcing - backlink building is hoarse and it is better to pay someone to do it. You do not need to waste valuable time Forum Profile sites creating bookmarks, or write a blog comment. There are many services that are available on various Internet marketing forums - and for the most part, are cheap and reliable. View more information on the forum before buying.

2nd.Your new index of links by the program when you arrive at your list of links to their outsourcing providers, use a program like an index Express "backlinks backlink" This will ensure that the links appear rapidly in index. Search engines.

3rd.Choose keywords carefully: do not waste time trying to qualify for the conditions dominated the first page of search results for domain PageRank and authority root URL.
A root meaning URL rank and venue for this term, if no root URL Keyword S: What is good for their chances in the range?

4th.Evaluate the backlinks to the first three search results for keyword - this speaks volumes about the strength of the competition. If the results of the first three to five has more than 200 links (on the page, not in the field) - it will be difficult to classify pages against independents. You can order against him, but only keywords easier to get money and then use resources to attack competitors.

Backlink is important, but not all S. Use your head to create your SEO backlink strategy and an easy to manage who can give good results.


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